Cross My Heart

Écho Média

Canada (Québec), 2017, comedy-drama, 101 min, o.v. French, s.-t. English

Montreal, October 1970.
Twelve-year-old Manon's family is on the verge of collapse; she and her little brother Mimi are about to be placed in Foster Care. Manon is incensed. Inspired by the current political crisis, she comes up with a plan and takes an old woman hostage to demand the right to choose her own future. With the help of her two cousins Martin and Denis, they leave the city with Mimi and the old woman, determined to find refuge where they can all be happy and free.

Gripping, tender and moving, Cross My Heart is a vibrant story portraying the weaknesses and betrayals of adulthood as seen through the eyes of children.


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FRI 24 NOVThéâtre Capitol20:00Buy
  • Direction Luc Picard
  • With Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau, Henri Picard, Anthony Bouchard, Alexis Guay, Clare Coulter
    Script Nicole Bélanger
    Picture François Dutil
    Editing Carmen Mélanie Pépin
    Sound Pierre Bertrand, Olivier Calvert, Stéphane Bergeron
    Music Viviane Audet, Robin-Joël Cool, Alexis Martin
    Based on an original concept by Nicole Bélanger
  • Production Écho Média, Écho Média
  • Distribution Téléfiction