Lena Mill-Reuillard

Canada (Québec), 2017, drama, 23 min, o.v. French, s.-t. English

ALEXE is a young trans woman, and CARL a gay man. Best friends since forever, an evening spent together destabilizes ALEXE, when both decide to have sex together for the first time.


Date Theatre Time Tickets
THU 23 NOVL'Amphithéâtre Jacqueline-Bouchard19:00Buy
  • Direction Marc-Antoine Lemire
  • With Alex Trahan, Pascale Drevillon
    Script Marc-Antoine Lemire
    Picture Léna Mill Reuillard
    Editing Anouk Deschênes
    Sound Théo Porcet, Jean-David Perron, Laurent Ouellette
  • Production Leona Films
  • Distribution H264 Distribution